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History of GibRacer

I have been working with computer modelling since 1990, but it was not until 2002 when I obtained a decent PC that I was able to concentrate seriously in CGI and 3d Modelling.

During this time I have modeled many aspects of Gibraltar and produced various 3d / CGI artwork and video visualisations for film producers, architects and designers.

In 2010 I completed a model of the 100 ton gun but I wanted to being able to walk around and view this model as if in a virtual world.  After many trials I came across Unity 3d.

After many months of reading and tests on Unity I finally was able to build a world with my 3d model in it. I created a 3rd person controller and was able to walk around and look at my model from different angles. I was very excited at the world I had created from nothing and soon started adding more and more models to my virtual world.

It was then that I realised the potential of creating a virtual Gibraltar as a base for various games.

I discussed this with my good friend David Oliva who produced a screenplay for a Gibraltar based adventure game. We also discussed creating a GTA style game. But these ideas turned out to be very complex to produce to the standard I wanted to achieve and I wanted to steer clear of violent genres. So I placed these projects on the "to do" list and just continued work on my virtual Gibraltar.

I always had the idea of creating a Gibraltar based racing game at the back of my mind, so I started working on various protoypes.

Then there was a serious accident in one of our local roads, an accident caused by youths racing on busy streets.  This nearly put me off the idea as I really did not want to create anything that could be considered harmful. But after several discussions with friends I was convinced into the idea of creating a racing simulation game where people could get the thrill of racing in Gibraltar roads without hurting anyone or themselves.

A game to replace the whim of racing on our streets.

I started working on this game seriously in Nov 2014 and have been at it ever since.  Since then I have invested in PC hardware and software and all of my time in making this game a reality.

All going well I hope to release the game in stages as from December 2015.

I am also working on adding off-road vehicles and tracks and also a motorbike and powerboat version is also being planned. Hopefully GibRacer will be able to cater to all speed-freaks!

Drive Safely!

Gus Linares

Get Included!

See yourself in the game!

Want to see yourself or your family as spectators in GibRacer, Gibraltar's car racing game?.  Send us your photo and we will do the rest. 

Note: In order to qualify for inclusion your photo must include a full body frontal image from head to foot of the person concerned. 

Please contact us for more details.

::   We do not condone, support or encourage illegal street racing!  ::  If you must race your car please take it to a certified track!   ::